DarkerNet uses Magick IRC Services version 2.0 and FloodWorld IRC Network Flood Protection.

Magick provides the following services:

NickServ - A service that allows users to register and keep their nicknames. If someone else tries to use a registered nickname, NickServ will take action in ensuring they cannot. Nickname registration, however, gives much more than protection against others trying to use your nickname. Many features of services require you to have a registered nickname before they are available to you, such as channel registration or memo sending/receipt. Also having a registered nickname allows you to set how services interact with you, including what language they talk to you in.

ChanServ - A service that allows users to register channels, and specify who has what level of access in the channel. ChanServ also adds many other features to channel ownership that dont exist normally, including such things as being able to keep a list of who to op/voice, and who to kick from channel. Registered channels can set up a time period before bans expire, and users of a channel can add channel greetings which are announced upon joining. Channels can have on-join messages (sent to users when they join), and channel news articles. There are many, many more features offered by ChanServ.

MemoServ - A service that allows you to send and recieve both memos to other users, and news articles for channels. Memos may be picked up at any time by their recipiant, and do not rely on both parties being online.

CommServ - A service that allows users to be grouped into a committee. Committees allow specific groups of people to get certain messages upon logging on to the network, or a memo to be sent to a specific group of people. They also allow for people to see who the members of any particular group are. All staff members are members of a particular committee, these committees being SADMIN (Services Administrators), SOP (Services Operators), ADMIN (IRC Administrators) and OPER (IRC Operators). You may find out who is on each of these committees with the command: /msg CommServ MEMBER >committee< LIST

HelpServ - A service that allows users to get information and extra help. HelpServ also contains the public access filesystem, which contains files that users may download from services, that have been uploaded by Services Operators.

OperServ - A service for staff members only. This service allows the staff to maintain the network, and control how it is used, and who may use it.

A complete manual on all commands available to users from services is available here. Please read this before asking questions of the IRC Operators, as most of the time, all the answers you need are in there. You can also find documentation about Magick IRC Services on the Magick website.

Floodworld is a service that aids network staff in stopping flood attacks on the network which makes for a more pleasant IRC experience for both staff and users alike. For more information about this service, visit the FloodWorld website.