Welcome to DarkerNet

~Sept 8, 2003~

The DarkerNet site has moved to its new location in Australia, and with it we have launched our new Australian hub, armoury.darker.net. People in the asia/pacific region should experience faster connection times to this server.

~Feb 2, 2003~

We have had a number of people coming to the network recently thinking that this is the place where supposedly some kid called "Ripper" overdosed live on IRC. Whether or not this actually happened, we don't know, but we do know that it was not on our network.

The reason our network link appears in the chat log that is circulating, is due to the fact that someone ripped off our Java WebChat which has our server slogan/address hard coded in it.

Incidentally, to the person who ripped off the Java Chat Applet... you could have just asked for it. The person who wrote the applet is a regular on our network and has released an open source and public version of the applet, without our network link hardcoded into the quit/part messages.

~May 16, 2002~

We have launched our Java WebChat today, so you can now join us from the website. Go to the Chat section to use the applet.

~April 2, 2002~

Welcome to the new DarkerNet website. Feel free to look around, and come join us on the network!